My Journey Through Life

I've worked many jobs and places on this planet we call earth. They include all of the following: 1) steel mill worker 2) truck driver 3) Loading docks 4) Mover 5) chef and cook 6) bartender 7) fishing guide 8) professional fly tyer 9) professional photographer and videographer 10) Security work and surveillance 11) Publisher, Editor, Writer 12) Science Instructor 13) University Instructor 14) Aquatic and Environmental Scientist 15) Graphic Artist, Illustrator 16) Web Designer 17) Software Work 18) Computer and Systems Analyst 19) Computer Security Analyst 20) Water Quality Analyst 21) Coach 22) Store Attendant 23) Gas Attendant 24) Auto Glass Installer and probably a few more that I'm forgetting.


A lone angler in the peace and natural silence of the universe

So when people tell me how much they know about the world and people including the pundits on television and rich athletes whose only job in life is playing sports I'm not impressed! The world is filled with mindless chatter and noise. This includes the scientific realm which is collapsing under the onslaught of political correctness from both the right and the left. I became a scientist to seek truth. No discipline is perfect but no one will tell me what the parameters of scientific truth will be to satisfy their political ideology. I am a scientist, a writer, a poet and a seeker of knowledge and so I will keep on trying......