Increasing the Quality and Economic Value Of Private Waters

Private waters strike many anglers the wrong way. These waters can serve as a laboratory for understanding ecosystems and economic values of such systems.  Many anglers don't understand that our environmental ethos comes not from the common man but from the private waters and forests of theWild Brook Trout From Privately Managed Trout Water by Riverkeeper and Aquatic Scientist Gene Macri Northeast Hunting and Fishing Clubs. This ethos was borne many years ago and then with a projected vision of President Teddy Roosvelt captured the American people.

There is no doubt that some private waters can cause problems but most private waters and streams are non navigable and in most states are owned by the land owners to begin with.  What I have shown with private waters would shock most state agencies. They are a learning ground for techniques and methods that are not be attempted in public waters. Most agencies paint everything with a wide brush and the results are not very good.

If you have private waters or you are a state or federal agency and want a proper review, or management including river keeping services contact me.  I can show you somethings you won't believe.