Research Areas

Conewago Creek Private Water Managed by Gene Macri Aquatic Scientist and River Keeper

I have a number of areas of research that I am working on at the present time and they include all of the following:

(Please Note: I do these on my own.  I have no funding. If you are interested in any of these areas and wish to contribute something please contact me).

  • EPA Water Quality Standards which are basically outdated and put the Public in harm's way.
  • Grey Water:  There is a massive input from Industry on the safety of such standards but the studies appear to have little scientific validity including biosolid sludge.
  • Trout movement and feeding ranges
  • Spring and stream temperature profiles related to climate change.
  • Trout vision and selection
  • EPA RBPs (Rapid Benthic Protocols).  Outdated and misunderstood?
  • Stream Insect Classification System
  • Insect Emergence Patterns
  • Stream Management
  • Stream Remediation
  • Instream Construction Devices
  • The Best And Most Cost Effective Methods to Restore Inland Waters
  • Trout Strains and species and their interrelationships in streams, lakes and rivers.
  • Economic Factors and flow patterns of income due to recreational fishing in America
  • Pollution from fracturing and related activities including water quality.
  • Pesticide engangement
  • Coal mining and externalization of damage to the public
  • Economic impacts of externalized damage to public in terms money, health and safety.