The Importance of Trout Streams and Trout

Trout Streams are important because they show us the effects of global climate change and environmental degradation

Why study trout and trout streams? They are just fish like any other fish---Right!  Wrong!  Trout require high quality environments to live in.  If you live in an area or state where your trout streams are diminishing in numbers and or quality this should tell you something about serious environmental degradation.

Trout and salmon require optimum conditions to live including water quality.  From temperature range to oxygen levels these fish and their environment give us a very good report card on what's happening in our complex society. Trout won't survive in poor water quality.

From an economic standpoint these streams and the fish in them bring in a massive amount of money into the economy.  States with trout streams have a cash cow that's hard to match.  For example, in Pennsylvania fishing and hunting was the number two industry in the state, much of that being derived from trout fishing. This income comes not only from fishing but from lodging, travel, food and other spending.

Massive Wild Rainbow Caught and Released by gene macri

States like Montana, Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Oregon, Washington and others turn massive amounts of money from fishing, guiding and related activities with trout and salmon fishing.  Sportsman fly in from all of the world to fish these fabled waters. Their health and well being is important both economically and scientifically for our society.