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Where do we I begin?  I am available for speaking engagements, presentations, and seminars on a variety of scientific and piscatorial subjects. I also do presentations computer and cybersecurity.  Here are just a few of them:


  • Environmental Economics 
  • Trout Streams MacroInvertebrates 
  • Water Quality: Why You Cannot Trust Any Government Agency! 
  • Fly Fishing Methods 
  • Fly Fishing Spring Creeks 
  • Fly Fishing Freestone Stream 
  • CDC and NIH: Are You Kidding Me...They Don't Work For The Public and Why You Should Not Always Believe Them! 
  • Zika Virus and Other Arthropods: What's Coming? 
  • Stream Remediation: Savior or Scam and What You Need To Know. 
  • Water Pollution: The Tip OF An Environmental Iceberg! 
  • The EPA Incompetent and Dangerous! 
  • Disease Inputs and Transfer: The Complete Failure of The US and World to Understand Microbiology. 
  • Endocrine Disruptors, Fish and Humans: Lessons from the Lesser Animals. 
  • Coming Viral Epidemics and The Cover-Up by the US Government. 
  • The Republicans and Science Denial 
  • The Democrats and Science Denial 
  • Risk Assessment: The BCS 
  • Oceanographers and Marine Biologists Whom Do They Work For? 
  • Fracturing the Greatest Scam Ever Sold! 
  • Clean Coal and Natural Gas: Really? 
  • The Myth of Energy Independence, Population and Alternative Fuels. 
  • Intelligence (IQ), Aptitude, and Learning in Children versus Environmental Risk Factors including Lead, Methyl Mercury and other inputs into systems.
  • The Chesapeake Bay: The Greatest Environmental Boondoggle Ever!
  • Why Nothing is Secure!
  • Why the CIA, NSA, FBI and other alphabet agencies have made the world less safe and more dangerous for us.
  • They want  your information....everyone wants it and how the government doesn't care if your identity is compromised.

If you are interested in any of these topics or others please contact me:


 gene (at) eugenemacri.com

gene (at) flyfisher.com

gene (at) riverscientist.com

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